Saturday, June 30, 2007

And blah blah blah

Sometimes, when things get busy and everyday life takes over, I forget how smart my son is - and how everything gets soaked into that brain of his. The other day, Sam and I were at work (which is an entire post in itself and I promise I will write about it) and between students, I was reading a story to Sam. We had just graded another student and I picked up the book again. The following conversation ensued:

Me: "OK, Sam, where were we?" ( I often ask him this when we have a story or book going to keep him involved.)
Sam: "Well, Lucia had just climbed the mountain and found the trolls and they turned to stone and blah blah blah."

OK, so to the casual observer, this may not be mensa material, but I was completely taken back by his recap and correct application of 'blah blah blah' as well as completely endeared by the cheeky look in his eyes. It was a great reminder that I need to pay attention to Sam and his development even when Lucas is discovering the world and changing in leaps and bounds. Monkeys, I say. Monkeys!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Why is it so easy to get angry sometimes? And so hard to stop? I wish I could sprinkle myself with pixie dust and then never yell at my kids again. or lose my temper about trite details. Would the world be a better place if people never got angry? Or do we need anger to provoke change? If we didn't get angry about details, would we be angry about injustice, crime and suffering? Would we change anything in the world without anger? Would we be able to do it just with love?
I think this entire discussion is a lame attempt at making myself feel better about getting angry...I try to tell myself it is a step above apathetic, but myself isn't really buying it today. If someone has the recipe for that pixie dust, I'm game.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I can't believe I totally forgot to mention:

Congratulations, babe! Can't believe you - we - made it through law school. Yipee.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Roadtrip Details...

I just spent hours writing the account of my trip to Janell and Chris' wedding and then I realized that my minute detailing of every mile on I-90 may be the product of my OCD-ish need to include everything, but is not necessary on my blog. So to spare the average reader the risk of hitting their head on the keyboard from being bored to sleep - or the risk of breaking out in tears and hives from just being plain bored, here is the cooked-down version:

I drove - far. I saw beautiful landscapes along route 8, and again crossing into Canada. In between was I-90W, which suffice it to say is the longest stretch of highway in the US and the 4+ hours spent on it in the state of NY felt like driving the entire thing. I visited Palmyra, where the church of Jesus Christ was reorganized in the 1800s and felt the spirit of God there. I crossed gorgeous bridges and ate good dinners. I went to rehearsal, met and re-met some very cool people (and some that just rubbed me the wrong way), I fell in love with Chris' family and loved hanging out with Carol, Mark (x2) and Liz - and of course Janell! I didn't see much of Chris, but I still have to say, I like him a lot - Blue Jay fandom aside...:) (And for the record - I felt so unbelievably honored to be her maid of honor. It was a blast!)
Then I went to my first Catholic wedding, liked the priest and the sermon, not so much the murals. I knelt on a marble floor (!), I signed papers and gave a speech at the reception. I danced at the reception and had much more fun than I would have expected on my own - the other bridesmaids, the groomsmen, Janell's friends and both Janell and Chris' families just made me feel comfortable and included. I had hair and nails done (totally spoiled!) and was treated so well in every way. I also found my long lost twin sister - several people asked if Liz (J's sister in law) and I were sisters/ twins. Maybe some ancestor went to Italy a long time ago, who knows Or maybe those crusaders got a little too friendly with the locals in Jerusalem...But that's beside the point, I think. Finally, I was very blessed by God, when I started getting sick Saturday. I prayed fervently that it could wait a little - figuring it would be more fun to drive sick than be in a wedding sick. And my major cold/ virus thing went into hiatus all day Saturday and didn't resurface till around 1:30-2 am Saturday morning when I headed back to my room after the reception. Very, very cool.

Then I drove again, waited at the border for 1.5 hours, batted my eyelashes in shocked surprise when the officer told me I couldn't bring my center piece into the US - and then he actually let me. So nice! Hee. I made it to Syracuse before I was so tired I couldn't stay awake anymore and checked into a Best Western there (around 4 pm). Spent the afternoon resting and watching TV, ordered nasty nachos and had a great night's sleep (after I locked all the doors and windows and pulled a dresser in front of a little side door. Too much Law and Order, don't ask...)

I made it home by noon on Monday, feeling exhausted and totally exhilarated that I actually made the trip all by myself. Chris' family kept saying I was brave - I think that was their polite way of saying crazy. And maybe it was - but it was sooo much fun!