Friday, July 20, 2007


Only a few more hours to go till the last installment in the Harry Potter series comes out. Yes, I suspect this makes it official - I am "one of those people." And I can barely contain myself from mere excitement.
I had never even heard of Harry until after Evan and I got married and he mentioned it while we were in Denmark. I picked up the first couple of books at the library in Cph and I was hooked. I absolutely adore JK Rowling's writing. The little clues, the brilliant comments that make you laugh out loud - and of course the story line of good versus evil, friendship and importance of taking responsibility for your choices. Ah.
Of course, I may feel differently if there is a miserable ending and too many unresolved issues. Even writing this is making me shiver with anticipation. I am such a geek! But I have to say, it's not just Harry and co. that make me feel this way. Any well-written book transports me into it's universe, and gives me a thrill. I guess this is the closest I get to drugs - that feeling of being "high" when you have read an amazing book. I am so grateful for literature. (okay - for good literature...:) ) Heh. All I can say is - bring on the drugs, Rowling. I am counting down the hours.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank you, A!

I have a friend who challenges me to get better at the things I love to do and thanks to her I finally got out my psE book and started practicing. Here's my first attempt:

Not that he really needs editing, seeing as he is of course perfect, but still. ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please pray...

OK, so after writing the previous post, I called one of my friends whose little boy is very very ill and currently in the hospital where the doctors are trying to diagnose him. (They think it's a blood disorder, but can't quite get there with the results of the tests.) He is the sweetest little boy and his family is so kind and amazing - and it totally breaks my heart to hear what they are going through. It makes me ashamed that I can be so self-absorbed and worried about the BAR when there are people whose children are suffering. Argh. On the other hand, I can't dwell on it too much, because it makes me literally nauseated to think of their heart ache and struggle. I wish I could help. I wish children didn't get seriously ill. I wish wishes made Dayne better.
Our congregation at church is having a fast for him tomorrow. Should anyone read this, please pray for him as well.

I think we should reinstate polygamy - Or the post also know as: 2 months of BAR-prep has officially caused me to lose my mind...

These past two months have been ridiculous. I have never prided myself on much strength in carrying the load by myself and while Evan has been studying for the BAR I have realized exactly how much I depend on him during our everyday life. When he is working or when he was studying before there were always weekends, or at least Sundays and evenings. Now, as he is completely consumed by the preparations for the BAR, I find myself floundering in my attempts to take care of the kids (without letting them watch too many hours of t.v.) and the house (without letting it get too nasty...) as well as the cooking, shopping, etc - all by myself and without losing my mind entirely. And no one else seems to get it, unless they have lived through it themselves. People make comments about him overdoing it, or think I am exaggerating when I say he is never around - but the amount of material he has to memorize is immense (21 subjects, most of which was never taught with the BAR in mind in law school...), so I get that he has to study. I am just not good at single-mothering it.

It was in the middle of such a day, where the laundry was piling up, there was food all over the floor, things were falling, spilling and practically doing the conga around me, while the kids were whining and making the "UH" noise very demandingly (at least Lucas was) that it dawned on me that polygamy really doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all. No, no - hear me out. I don't mean the creepy marrying under-age girls against their will and forcing them to live on a scary compound without hair dryers-kind. More like having an extra set of (not under-age) hands here where we are - Imagine having help with the laundry, the grocery shopping, the cooking, the laundry, the cleaning, the kids, the laundry...AH! That way everyone would have less chores and more time to do what they wanted. Heh. OK, I realize the whole sharing of the husband thing might be uncomfortable, but honestly I have barely seen mine for two months as it is. Blech.

Jokes aside, I am so grateful for friends and family who have helped keep me semi-sane these past two months. And I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who helps me keep things in perspective and reminds me that it's all good, everyone healthy and that I need to not be a wimp. Nothing like deity to put you in your place, eh?!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Will You Walk into my Parlor -

Said the Spider to the Fly...

We haven't been very good at having people over for dinner. Part of it is that I feel so terribly inadequate when it comes to cooking - I just fear that they'll hate the food and leave, never wanting to come back. Yes, I know - I have issues. (I am working on those, I promise!) Another part of it is just life getting busy and by evening and weekends, Evan and I are soooo tired.
Well, in the spirit of adventure and trying new things, we invited some friends over for dinner last night. All sorts of fun, right? At least until their little boy bent down to pick up a toy and slammed his forehead into the corner of my coffee table, creating a gash big enough that it was borderline in need if stitches.
To their credit, they stayed for dinner and we did have a lovely time. (After having kind M.D. neighbors check out the "wound".) But it makes me wonder why I am not one of those people who can have a beautiful 3 course meal prepared, center piece and all, with no near emergency room visits. I suppose I should aspire to at least making one course well first. And then maybe work on keeping my guests safe. Walk in to my parlor indeed!