Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Singing the House-buying Blues

As most of you know, we found a house that we fell in love with. We went through negotiations, mortgage applications, etc and all was well and good. All that was left was the house inspection, which was supposed to be easy as here didn't seem to be any big problems with the house. Until we wanted to buy it, of course - then the problems came out of the woodworks. (Fortunately not in a disgusting literal way, but you surely get the idea here.)
Anyway - it turned out the electrical outlets weren't grounded, the roof needed immediate replacement, the downstairs a/c unit spewed out black speckles when you turned it on, there would be a hole in the yard when they removed their pool, it needed lots of updating - and to top it off, the radon test came back positive. I think that's what did it for me. We were ready to put effort into this house and fix it up; we were even ready to work through the electrical issue when we found out about it, but the carcinogenic, radioactive natural gas seeping through the ground into the house set me over the edge. I actually had a minor melt-down today, wishing myself back to a place where things were simpler - and the environmental laws stricter. Sigh. I guess, there's always going to be something, right? Ultimately, after much agonizing and some praying, we both feel good about walking away from this house. I guess, it wasn't meant to be. Such a cute house though. Is it really too much to ask for some sort of star showing the way to where I should raise my children? Preferably radon, asbestos and lead-free? ;) Mostly kidding there - I know that's not how it works. And I really do feel that God is guiding us along; sometimes, it's just challenging to only see a few steps ahead. Sigh.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Festival - Keene, NH

Some of our friends told us about Keene's annual pumpkin festival, and as we are trying to truly experience New England, we decided to pack up the monkeys and venture up there. (Over? Still not quite sure about New England geography...) It was a great day - there were probably 30.000 pumpkins carved in all sorts of crazy ways, the weather was incredible and the colors! I can't even describe it - New England's way too many trees dress up in amazing reds, yellows, orange, etc and redeem themselves and their overwhelming presence. It looks like the landscape is on fire. Absolutely breathtaking.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Weird weather!!

In my last post I mentioned how we wore shorts on Saturday in Kent. Well, today I had to turn my heat on and put Luke in flannel pjs to keep him warm. The temperature dropped and it's super cold and windy. And that reminds me, I left my remaining struggling (and somehow still green) tomatoes out on the vine. Argh - I am so not Martha Stewart. I'm all out of excuses and am taking my cold feet to bed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Autumn in CT

This year we have finally gotten around to do some of the things that CT offers in the fall. Today we went to Lyman Orchards to pick apples - apples were great, the cider donuts delicious, the company delightful - and I don't have a single good picture to show for it. OOF! Here are a few of the best. (And no, there is nothing wrong with you screen - they are slightly out of focus. Sigh.)

Here are a couple from Minor's Farm in Bristol where we try to get pumpkin pictures every year. Try being the operative word - for some reason something goes awry every time...A couple of this year's best:

And finally, here are some pictures from Kent, CT. It's this quaint little town in Litchfield county with cute shop and at this time, gorgeous fall foliage. Evan and I took the boys there last Saturday because we were told that you can get the best hot chocolate in New England at a small cafe there. Well, the observant reader may have noticed that my children are wearing shorts and t-shirts in these pictures. Not so much hot chocolate weather, no. We hit a whopping 89 Degrees F Saturday (30 Degrees C) - I think that's a record for October. And if not, it's still absolutely crazy and very, very warm!
In any case, we bagged the hot chocolate idea and had ice cream and iced chocolates instead. It was delectable. Smile...(Although my husband confessed that he actually prefers the crappy SwissMiss chocolate to the real kind. Eeew. Can you un-brainwash taste buds?!?)

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I found this fun site that totally speaks to my girlie, play dress-up, Barbies, etc.-side: www.meez.com I am a total geek but I had so much fun creating a "mini-me". OK, cut a girl some slack! All I get to play with at my house are bionicles. No, wait - I also get to make car-noises. Wroom....So I had fun creating my meez. Here she is:

Friday, October 5, 2007


I took this picture of my mom when I was home - She always complains that she looks terrible in photos so I took the liberty of playing with PSE a bit. I figure, if models can be retouched, so can we! Heh. (I have to say, though, she was beautiful in the original picture too. Yes, you were!)

And here is one of my favorite crazy girl. Isn't it fabulously ironic that I wasted so many years fighting with my sister and now that she is my best friend, she lives 3000 miles away? Uf.