Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby, take 2

Since I like things symmetrical, it amuses me that my boys' birthdays are exactly one week apart. Heh. Happy Birthday, L! I can't believe the little monkey is two. It has FLOWN by and he is such a little person now. I love how he communicates and tells the world what he wants and feels. He is just so freaking adorable! He loves cows - he likes animals, but LOVE cows for some reason. My parents gave him a box of farm animals today and he lined them all up just right when he opened the present. He didn't even care about any other gifts for a long time after that. (He has a few cows in his bed with him as we speak (type)...) He is also randomly scared of things - he'll freak out and come running to get picked up, squeaking, "Mami, cared. Cared doggy!" Or cared noise, cared [s]am, cared show...insert whatever. I am not entirely sure if he actually is scared or if he is just really sneaky about getting picked up and held close, so I am trying to figure that one out at the moment. And finally my little tough boy loves girly things - toe nail polish, pink sunglasses, whatever. He totally freaked out at Target when he had to put a pair of princess sunglasses back because we weren't getting any. Yeah, that's my kid. Happy birthday, monkey. I love you!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby!!

It's late and I have no pictures ready yet, but I had to put in writing how amazingly proud I am of my baby, who turned five today. I don't even get it - It is so incredibly clichee, but it really does seem like a few short weeks ago that I was at the hospital looking at this little creature and marveling at the whole motherhood idea - wondering how the heck I would make it through the first five days, not to mention five years. S is such a fabulously bright child - both smartswise and soulwise and I am so grateful to be his mother. Don't get me wrong, I am still petrified at the responsibility of motherhood - I am just blown away by the incredible person my son is. I love you, baby!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This week's funny list...

I was reading a friend's blog and she posted about her daughter's nickname for the dad, which reminded me of one a L-ism that I hear a lot. I am trying to write these down so we will remember them in the future (say, in four weeks or so - my long-term memory has seen better days!) so if you don't find my children as amazingly intelligent and adorable as I do, feel free to skip this post :)
L has obviously figured out that I am his mother and E is his dad. Sometimes he slips up and as he is addressing us he realizes he has the wrong name - E thus ends up being "Maddie" (Mami --> Daddy) and I am "Dummi." Yup, even at 23 months my kid has me figured out. I tell myself it is a Daddy---> Mami confusion... right?

A few other funnies this week:

We were in sacrament meeting on Sunday (our main Sunday meeting at church similar to a mass in that the main purpose of the meeting is to renew our covenants with God by partaking of the bread and water) and everyone is sitting quietly waiting for the bread to be passed around (we don't go to the front to get it, it's gets passed down the pews by the young boys). Well, I guess L got impatient because his voice was suddenly heard loud and clear through the chapel: "Snack!" If you're hungry, you're hungry I guess.

One day in the car, we were singing Old McDonald had a Farm, a favorite of L's. It has been much improved now that he doesn't freak out if McDonald has other animals than cows - for a while that was the only animal we could sing about and he would cry if there were any other animals on the farm. (Or cattle ranch as we dubbed it.) The kid really loves his cows!
Anyway, we were singing and I was letting the kids take turns picking animals which they were having much fun with. Then we switched to "The Wheels on the Bus," where L still insisted on animals being on board, which, whatever, as long as it keeps him happy, I am not particular about there being cows on busses. Meanwhile, when S's turn came up, he sang: "the Ls on the bus say Gama, Gama, Gama. Gama, Gama, Gama, Gama, Gama, Gama. The Ls on the bus say Gama, Gama, Gama, all through the town."
Now anyone who knows L, knows that he absolutely adores his grandma and I wouldn't put it above him to call for her all through the town. I was just so impressed with S's insight and creativity. I know all mothers are highly subjective when it comes to their kids, but I really believe that S is a very smart kid. Sometimes I think I expect too much of him, because he is generally so smart that I forget he's only four. Little stinkers. :) Pictures will follow as soon as I come up from under the mountain of boxes and work I am buried under at the moment.