Thursday, August 28, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

While running the risk of sounding blasphemous, I'm fairly certain that God has a wicked sense of humor. And I mean that in the best possible sense - not wicked as in evil, but wicked as in heart-stopping, side-splitting, saving-my-sanity-by-making-me laugh sense of humor. Allow me to expound:
As the summer is drawing to a close and we have spent a lot of time just the boys and I with no set plans, the natives are starting to get restless. By starting, I mean, hitting, teasing, relentlessly whining MOST OF THE DAY! And yet in the midst of the crazies, we have these moments, where it all just makes sense. A few of the latest...

* A Sunday morning both boys were belting out "Old McDonald" at the top of their lungs. Trying to get a slightly more reverent and Sabbath oriented tone in the house before church, I asked them to "please take it down a notch because it is Sunday." L thought about this for a moment and the busted out with "Heavenly Father had a cow, ei ei oooooo..."
* Yesterday S was complaining that his head itched, so I asked him to come over so I could make sure he didn't have lice. (Urgh!) As I am checking his scalp, I explain that lice are bugs which can live in hair and bite your head, "but," I say, "I don't see any - or any eggs." To which my ever thoughtful son replies: "Maybe they're just not married yet." As I try to keep a straight face and reply, all I can think is if only it were that easy, baby!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Roadtrip

This past Saturday, E's brother got married and thus we packed the kiddos in the car and drove to DC for the wedding. The car ride was surprisingly painless and we had a lovely time with E's sister and her daughter and husband who live in the DC area. E and I even got the chance to go sightseeing in the capital for a few hours, sans monkeys. Fun times!!
Pictures from DC will follow; here's one from outside the DC temple that I promised my mom:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mindless End-of-Day Activity

The monkeys at my house have been at each other's throats most of the day and I have finally tucked them in - sort of. L has learned how to get out of his bed and is taking full advantage of this newfound skill. The little human bouncy-ball is enjoying the freedom while I need something to take my mind off the long day (and keep me from growling too loudly at him), so I decided to do this little fill-out form that my friend Sarah had on her blog:

I am: exhausted
I think: Too much.
I know: That my Redeemer lives. (Feel free to sing that, if you know the tune!)
I want: new clothes for fall.
I have: a new house that I love!
I wish: I were better at getting things done.
I fear: that someone will hurt my kids. Or my family.
I feel: Acutely. I actually tend to soak up others emotions as well - hence I canned the idea of becoming a therapist. Would never have been able to leave work at work.
I hear: The monkeys chattering, the crickets chirping and the Primary lullaby CD.
I smell: Mostly everything. My husband claims I have an overdeveloped sense of smell.
I crave: Chocolate. Always chocolate.
I search: for my keys, the dvd remote or some other item at least twice a day.
I wonder: why gas is so ridiculously expensive.
I regret: Many a thing. Still working on letting go of things I can't change.
I love: Dancing. And my kids. And my husband. And parents and sister and rainy days and the smell of new cars...This could be long, so I'll leave it at that.
I care: about what other people think. Even when I shouldn't.
I always: enjoy it when I go to the temple.
I am not: perfect. Or even close.
I believe: that people should help each other. And be kind.
I dance: to the music at the grocery store. Yup, in the aisles. Sometimes with my kids there, but sometimes even by my self.
I sing: loudly along with the radio in the car.
I fight: too much.
I write: the way I think. But slower.
I lose: My mind every day. Thankfully I find again it most days.
I never: understood why people smoke.
I listen: to the radio, to other people talking and to the Spirit. Although sometimes I argue with the latter.
I can usually be found: with a book nearby.
I am scared: that people don't like me.
I need: Chocolate. And attention from my husband. And shoes.
I am happy about: My family. All of the crazy, wonderful people I am related to in one way or another. I am truly blessed.
I tag: about anyone who hasn't posted on their blog in say.....2 weeks? Sis?! (And my husband - feel free to email me the answers!)

So there it is - that was interesting to fill out. Probably way more info on me than you cared to have, but fun to do. Thanks, Sarah!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lesson in Letting Go

Exactly five years ago, I made a decision. S was 5 months old and was starting to sit and crawl (yes, simultaneously...strange child, I know!) and in the process, he would occasionally wobble and tilt over to one side or the other. I knew that could either follow him around with a pillow and make sure he didn't get any bumps or I could let him go through the process of learning how to sit/ crawl/ eventually walk/ etc, knowing that he might get hurt, that it probably wouldn't be serious and that he needed to do this to develop.
I decided then that I couldn't follow him through life with a pillow, no matter how much I'd love to shield him from bruises. I need to be there for him for support, but I can't protect him by not allowing him to learn his lessons. Now, that was all well and good when he was ten inches from the ground. These past few weeks, my resolve has been put to the test as S has learned to bike. I watch him take a sharp turn and hold my breath in anxiety for the crash I am expecting. He has crashed a few times. And gotten back up and off again. I know I will feel that hollow swoop in my stomach many times as he goes off to school in a few short weeks, as he gets baptized, as he starts dating; always hoping that he'll be okay, that he won't get hurt too badly by life. I do know that he has to learn his own lessons. That he will get bruised and scraped a bit. I can just pray that Heavenly Father will watch over him as he learns. And that I will feel more comfortable as I let go.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I just finished it. I couldn't help myself and stayed up way too late last night reading; until I simply couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Then I got up this morning and read some more. Thankfully my husband understands my absorption into a good book - or at least he suffers through it - so he took the kids to the park this morning. Thanks, babe!

And what a glorious experience a good book is! Happy sigh! I am thoroughly content and have that fabulous sated feeling you only get after reading a truly great piece of art. I love how the really great books suck me into their universe and leave me feeling like a better person for reading them. Yay. I wonder if only fellow book worms would understand that - you know you're one, if you've ever done chores/ eating/ teeth brushing with a book in hand just because you couldn't put it down. Heh. I'm on a total book-high!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


From Wikipedia:

Hydroplaning or aquaplaning by a road vehicle occurs when a layer of water builds between the rubber tires of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to the loss of traction and thus preventing the vehicle from responding to control inputs such as steering, braking or accelerating. It becomes, in effect, an unpowered and unsteered sled.

According to my husband, the vehicle would respond to control inputs. Just not the ones I tried when my car hydroplaned on the exit ramp off the highway today. It fishtailed back and forth and then hit the concrete barrier with the driver's side front. It seems totally unreal now and when it happened it was almost as if I was in slow motion - I could suddenly feel the weight of this huge machine I was in; I watched as it spun towards the barrier and there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it. Nasty, nasty feeling, I might add!
As the car came to a stop, I just sat there and gasped for air for a few seconds and then I drove off the exit ramp and into a parking lot. I braced my self for the damage and was completely shocked when I got out and only saw some scratches and a smaller dent.
I can't believe how incredibly lucky/ blessed I was today. I was in our smaller car, I was alone, no one was right behind me on the ramp and all that happened were a few scratches to the car. I am so grateful. As my ever-calming husband said in between making jokes about my driving (not necessarily in an attempt to make me feel better...) - we were fortunate to be able to have dinner together tonight. It could have been so much worse. And while that makes my hands shake again, it also reminds me how blessed we are each day that our lives don't hydroplane on us. And how amazing it is when we get to the end of a day and get to tuck in our children and hug our loved ones. Phew.
Now I'm off to take wet weather driver's ed...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Going to the Zoo

The last few days have been long and the kids have been fighting a lot, so in a desperate attempt at some happy family time, I took the kids to the zoo. My mother-in-law came along and we had a great time. It was a small zoo, but the kids loved seeing all the animals, while I loved watching the kids. (Even though I still can't get them to sit still for a decent photo...

I also completely lost my heart to this snake they had there - it was a gorgeous yellow boa constrictor, named Banana. I really want one. And if I can't have that, all the little bunnies at the zoo reminded me of the rabbit we used to have when I was growing up - we had him for years (he got much older than rabbits usually do) and we suspect he thought he was a dog, because he loved to lay under the coffee table while we watched tv and get petted. (He also begged for treats by standing on his hind legs. I'm telling ya, that rabbit didn't think he was a rabbit!)
Anyway - I totally want to go to the pet store now. I wonder if my husband would mind coming home to a snake...Heh.

Here's S not being very impressed by Banana: