Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Night Owl - aka den kloge narrer den mindre kloge...

For a few days L had a new trick. I'd put the kids to bed and he would chuck his dyne, his stuffed lion and his pacifier(s) out of his bed. Then he would start calling me until I went in there and put it back in his bed.
One evening we were going through the motions again - I put him to bed and sure enough, heard the tell-tale thumps when he threw his stuff out. I went in there once, gave him his things and went out. Thump. Back in - this time with a bit of a grumpier face - and told him sternly it was time for bed. Thump. Back again - this time all grumpy, all stern. Thump. At this point I figured I'd just let him cry, otherwise I would be running into his room till he graduated from high school. Or something.

About ten minutes of crying later, I gave up and decided I could either go in there and document this for future black mail or I would lose it entirely, so this is what our night owl looks like when he gets the better of his mother - again:

Who can resist this face, though? You gotta love this kid. And as a follow-up, he actually hasn't done this since I took the picture. I wonder if the flash freaked him out. And whether or not that would work on other things - or other people...I'll give it a try next time someone else is being unreasonable with me and let you know.

Calorie Confusion...

I have been working out some and have been so frustrated at not seeing the scale budge at all so I finally talked to one of the instructors at my gym and she asked me to count the calories I eat for a few days. And it turns out.....drum roll, please.....

I am not eating enough.
And now everyone who actually knows me is laughing their head off. Yeah, ok. I don't see how that is even remotely possible, but she (the instructor - who as a side note totally reminds me of Jillian from Biggest Loser) is convinced that my calorie intake is too low to allow my body to change.
I am somewhat confused, but hey, anything that give me an excuse to eat more, not less is alright with me. Although the part where she said to cut out the ice cream was a little painful. So, I'm off to eat...heh. I'll let you know how this goes.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Skater Boy

Grandma gave S skating lessons for Christmas and as she is away this week, I got to take him to the rink. It was so funny to watch him totter around the ice - his face was all scrunched up in concentration; he was trying his best to move around without falling down. He is such a funky kid too - he told me afterwards, that he "hates to learn to skate backwards, cause it's the hardest thing EVER in skating." That's when I wish here was some power-mom manual - something clever and psychologically correct I could say to teach him the value of hard work and practice. I managed to squeak out something about being grateful for skating lessons and not whining...sigh. (Can I sue someone for not preparing me properly to raise my children?!)

Here are a few shots of S on the ice - unfortunately most of the pics aren't very good, as I couldn't get close enough ( I got yelled at for setting one foot out on the ice - they are very strict at this place!) but at least they give a sense of his adventure.

This last pic is so S - he gave me this grumpy teen attitude when I asked him to pose. I can't believe how big he is getting!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am a Clichè ...

Yup, today I managed to become a clichè. I was a "female driver." (add a great amount of contempt in the pronunciation of these two words...)
I drove up this driveway - which wasn't even that steep, but which was covered in a layer of snow and patchy black ice. My car slipped somewhat and I took a deep breath and moved slowly up the driveway. Then a few short minutes later, a bit of reverse action and a driver coming straight at me, I found myself very much stuck. I couldn't reverse, I couldn't go forward (at least there was a pile of snow in that direction so that made sense.) As I was sitting there feeling hotter and hotter and more and more desperate, a car tried to go around me and was sliding towards my car - which, if nothing else, validated that the driveway was very slick - although I think it took a few years off my life there.
Finally, I gave up and did something I never in my early feminist days thought I'd do. I went to get a guy to do the job. Which he did, admirably actually. And I have to say, I was so immensely grateful for his help that I didn't care one whit about being a feminist. To add to his kindness, he never once made fun of female drivers or people getting stuck in snow. He actually shared a couple of stories of how he got in trouble driving himself. So in spite of the indignity and sheer unpleasantness of the "snow-sliding-towards-unmovable-objects-in-minivan" event of the evening, I go to bed feeling that maybe the world isn't all bad when 20 year old kids can show such an amount of gracious understanding.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


That is L's newest expression. I have no idea what it's derived from, but we are learning that it is similar to a war cry of sorts. "Gunga" is usually followed by something being broken (like S's magazine torn apart today at lunch time), something being taken apart (like S's Lego creations) or something being dumped out on the floor - like the box filled with very small Legos or the breakfast cereal - both this morning. Gunga indeed...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rock Climbing

I've been threatening to take this rock climbing intro class at our gym for a while (you have to take this class in order to be allowed to climb) and something has always come up. Well, this evening I braved the insane temperatures (-15 C/ 5 F...yeah, it's freakishly cold here!) and risked two over-tired kids. We packed up and went to the gym where L played in baby-sitting while S and I took the class.
I may have a new addiction - S put it just right when he proclaimed rock climbing to be "freaky but fun." I actually made it up one of the easy parts of the wall and loved the adrenalin rush mixed with glee over the accomplishment. And it was so much fun to share the experience with S. Fun times!

Ice Storm

Another NE treat we experienced last month was ice storms. Notice how thick the layer of ice covering everything is...Ridiculously dangerous to drive in, but so incredibly gorgeous. I have to say, I am truly grateful for this world we live in and the wonders we get to experience!

The first two pictures are of a tree by our mail box - It is bent in half because of the weight of the ice:

Snowstorm, Laura Ingalls Style.

My, how time flies! I kept wanting to write a post about this storm we had two weeks ago. I used to read the Laura-books and wonder whether the snow storms she described were truly as bad as she said. According to the books, the worst storms made it impossible to see where you were going, people got lost quickly, the snow came down fast and the storms often lasted two-three days. Well, I finally have my answer.

A few weeks ago, we got hit with a snow storm of the Laura Ingalls' kind. The snow began to fall around 9:30 am and around 10 it was no longer safe to drive - you couldn't see anything with the whirling snow. Fortunately it didn't last for three days, but it was still pretty bad. My husband left work after the snow stopped and his 15 minute drive took him 3.5 hours. A few hours into the snow, a woman we know was hit by a tractor trailer on the highway - he couldn't stop and slid sideways into her lane. (Amazingly enough, she was ok!)
I have to confess, I used to scoff a bit at how people in NE cancel school if there is a snow storm in the forecast - well, I have been sufficiently put in my place. I can't even imagine having my kids on a school bus in that weather. CRAZY! I guess you have to experience it to understand, but I have new-found respect for the weather here. And honestly, there is part of me that loves the school-skipping, playing indoors days.

Anyway - make up for my lack of posts, here are a few pictures of the boys enjoying the snow -

I am not sure where S got that porcelain skin. Mine is just as pale but with all kinds of decorative speckles added in. L is much darker, with darker eyes too. It's so fascinating to me how two dips in the same gene pool can result in two such different children. And it's just as fascinating how I just love them both so much. Crazy little monkeys!