Friday, May 30, 2008

Motherhood - AKA the Death of Preconceived Ideas

Some days it seems to me that motherhood was designed for the purpose of teaching women (or maybe just me!) to be less judgmental of one another. I have actually reached the point where I am wary of expressing my opinion about someone else's choices because I eventually find myself eating my words with a good helping of humble pie - most often served up by my children.
Unfortunately, I am very opinionated so my pre-motherhood years are ripe with preconceived ideas just waiting to come back and bite me in the butt. A few of my great ideas were that my kids would not watch TV (yeah, right), that I would never let them "cry-it-out," that I would never give in to whining, that I would never yell at my kids, etc, etc, etc....
I have a friend whose two oldest kids are 8 and 5. When they were at the age that S and L are now, she would complain that grocery shopping was a nightmare because the younger boy refused to sit in the cart and if she let him down, he would bolt. I admit, I was a bit smug when I went to the store with S (pre-L, obviously) who sat quietly in the cart and allowed me educational moments like "look, S, these are to-ma-toes. They are RED." Now, as I wrestle L to keep him in the cart or occasionally cave in to the loud demands of "DOWN! NOW!!" I don't have the energy for educational. Instead I try to look composed as I look for L under the shelves or restock the 17 jars of pickles that he managed to take down from the shelf while I was getting one bottle of ketchup.
So life happens and the bribing or TV comes in, the kids are served Mac and Cheese for lunch or I get to the end of my rope and raise my voice. I have to say, I still try to raise the monkeys well. I strive to feed them healthy foods, I limit the TV (and completely ban some shows) and mostly say no to MCD.
The problem really is that you get to a point where you are willing to do anything short of selling your soul, just to be able to take a shower or have a minute free to think. The incident this morning is what prompted this entire post:
I finally sat down for breakfast - which hardly ever happens, but today I just needed something other than grabbing a bar on the go. L came over and wanted to "try" my food - which he always does. Super adorable - even if you were planning on eating your meal. While at the table he knocked over our little tupperware sugar "bowl" (the old-fashioned kind with the spout and lid.) A little bit of the sugar fell onto the table and I decided to finish eating before I dealt with it. L curiously touched the sugar with his finger, then tentatively put it in his mouth, and proclaimed "yum!"
He then leaned down and licked the table.
I calmly finished my bowl of oatmeal, while my son proceeded to lick the table clean of sugar.
At least he didn't watch TV while doing it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring Pics

Just a few pictures of the kiddos for the patiently waiting relatives who live far away and wonder if I actually have the kids or am making them up...

This is the look I most often get when I ask S for a picture. I personally dig the photography-weary, my mother is a paparazzi look....Sigh.
It's funny to see how pale he is, though. My genes really managed to assert themselves - I got the pale skin and the eyes (He has mine! Ha!); most other traits fall into the "oh, he looks just like his dad"-category. Although a few people have graciously conceded that he occasionally has an expression that reminds them of me. I'd think that after nine months of work and a long, hard labor, I could get a few more look-a-like traits. Where can I lobby for that?

And that's the little wild one, in a rare quiet moment.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have a question...

I was watching America's Next Top Model (Yeah, I know. Stop mocking. Read the post) and noticed that the one human sized model on there is actually referred to as a "full-figured" model. I couldn't help but wonder; what does that make the rest of the models? Half-figured? Partially figured?
The "full-figured" (read: real-figured) girl won, by the way, which is a big step for the emancipation of actual hips and breasts on the model runway. Good for her!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Catch-up and the Boston Temple

OK, so I have been the biggest blog-slacker and will now try to catch up by posting completely outdated pictures and stories...All the while wondering if they have therapy for procrastination? I think I might need it. One of my friends, who is a therapist, is actually convinced that my procrastinating is a symptom of undiagnosed ADD. I wasn't sure if I agreed with her until she asked me if I had looked into seeing someone and I heard myself say, that I'd thought about but I "just got so distracted by other things." No attention deficit there, eh?!

ANYWAY - in a futile attempt to stay on topic, here's a picture from the Latter Day Saint temple in Boston. My mil was kind enough to take the monkeys so E and I could drive up there a few weeks before our anniversary. I love the temple. For those of you who wonder what that is; a temple is a more sacred version of a church for us. We have regular church buildings for Sunday meetings and then we have the temple, where we learn more about the purpose of life and God's plan for us. It's very quiet and peaceful, with much room for introspection and reflection on life, the universe, where we are, what we want - etc, etc. It is mainly a place set aside to be different from the everyday world and all it's worries. It's also where weddings take place and it was neat to go and be reminded of the vows we took seven years ago. Which, seriously blows my mind. SEVEN. That's a lot of years. And a different post. Here's the picture: