Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bookworm 2.0

These days, I often find S with his nose in a book. I wish I could say his reading is caused by my amazing teaching/ mothering skills, but it's really all him; This summer something just clicked and he went from sounding out letters to sounding out words. Now he reads anything he can get his hands on; street signs, headlines and loads of books. The other day, we found S walking in the hallway while reading because he couldn't put his book down. It made me laugh so hard because it was like looking at myself. If I am in the middle of a great book, I am hard pressed to put it away as well. I have been known to brush my teeth while reading, eating, cleaning (yup!) and once or twice I have even tried to read while showering. (They were very good and I had to know, OK!) I am just so thrilled that S seems to have found the same love for books as I have. I treasure books and I am so excited that S seems to feel the same way. I love how books open so many worlds to you and how a genuinely good book is an adventure for the reader. Now I just need to figure out a way to keep him from reading the speed limit signs...
Seriously, though; If I have managed to pass on a love for books, I feel I have accomplished something great as a mother.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yes, that's right. This is my halloween post, which is so overdue that no one wants to hear about Halloween anymore, but that's just too bad, because I need to post it for posterity. All complaints can be filed in the comment section - and I won't care anyway because I have spent the last 3 weeks cleaning out every single nook and cranny of my house, vacuuming, laundering every stitch of fabric at home, throwing away some of my favorite things and still finding carpet beetle larvae in places they weren't even supposed to be. I am so ridiculously tired and absolutely done with bugs. Every time I thought they were gone I'd find another one. Today we moved back into my in-laws home (we were here the first week as well) because the exterminator determined the first spraying wasn't doing to job and we needed to get the house fumigated. When the house is safe for the kids again, I get to back and clean again. I am at the point of exhausted numbness and thus take complete license to blog about whatever I want, whenever I want. Just wanted to get that out there...

Back to Halloween -
We went to the Halloween party at our church the Friday before Halloween and E took the kids to the party at the YMCA Saturday night. I was pretty much done with Halloween a week before the actual day but we ended up having a great day after all. The boys both had Halloween parties at their schools and we went trick or treating at night. Fun, fun.
Here are a few pictures from our week-long celebration:

From our church party: (S went as a power ranger and L was a lion)

Halloween parade at S's school: (S picked out a different costume from our costume bin)

S had a dentist appointment on Hallowen at grandpa's office were the staff traditionally gets dressed up:

Trick or treating Friday night:

And finally, we made Halloween cupcakes:

(The pictures are all low-quality and will be upgraded when I get home again!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Blues

I can't vote.
I am not on parole, in case you were wondering, just not an American citizen. That's an entirely different post, though, so back to the current one.
In previous years, I haven't really cared that much about politics, but as I have gotten older and had children and grown a social conscience, I suddenly feel more invested in who rules the country I live in. Thus, being terribly opinionated and not being able to vote has been rather trying. What is even more trying is the people who feel it their mission in life to tell me just how wrong my opinion is. I understand that if you vote for one party you are likely to disagree with what the other party stands for. However, it irks me beyond measure when people make it sound like voting for one party is the "righteous" thing to do and if you vote for the other party, you are pretty much headed for you-know-where in a very small hand basket.
Is it too much to ask for that we all extend a bit of kindness and maybe pass on the judgement bit? Having an opinion is great (I have many opinions - about many things), sharing your opinion is fine - we should certainly be courageous enough to speak up for what we believe in. But telling me that your opinion is the only one that is right and that having a differing opinion makes me less righteous, drives me batty. There are things in both political parties that don't mesh with my religion. Maybe, just maybe, I too found something religious to base my opinion on, even if it's not the same hot button issue that drives you. And then, having made that decision, I am willing to overlook some of the other things, that aren't as important to me right now. I still feel perfectly in sync with my God and my religion. I guess, I don't believe that to be right and religious we all must have the same hot button issues. But then again, I can't vote so what do I know?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dressers, Bugs and the Desperate Need for Lockdown in a Sterile Environment

Just in case some of you may have thought I didn't take my job as a public service announcer seriously, I have carefully studied a new topic, just for your benefit. As with most other things of this nature, this topic falls under the category of "things I didn't want to know about, EVER" but there you are--once again I am at your service...

This week's lesson is on carpet beetles. (WARNING: do NOT click on that link, until you are absolutely ready to meet our little friends. And don't do it while eating or sitting on your carpet.)
The little guys decided to move in and live of the carpet in our house. And thus we have spent the last four days ripping out carpets...and nails. And the staples that held the carpets in place. Which, honestly - if I ever meet the guy who over-zealously went amok with his staple gun...let's just say, it wouldn't be pretty. We were planning on removing the carets eventually; just not quite yet. Or in less than a week. The bugs turned out to be a really good motivator.
The exterminator is coming tomorrow, then we will launder all the clothes/ sheets, etc in our house and hopefully that will be the end of it. Though I wonder how long it will take me to stop shuddering every time I say/write/think of the word "bug"? Or until I stop checking every item of clothing I put on for bugs? Or the bed? GAAAAAH!!

Meanwhile, as I was all-consumed with these critters and their hopeful upcoming demise; fate(?) decided to remind me that it could be worse. I was pulling staples out of the floor right outside of L's room while he was playing with his trains when this loud crash sends me bolting in there to find that my child pulled his dresser down....
Miraculously (and I am not throwing that word out there casually) the dresser didn't crash on top of him. Only his right foot was caught slightly under the edge of the dresser and it didn't get hurt either.
Logically this doesn't make any sense. The height of the dresser combined with where L would have had to stand in order to pull it forwards down should have resulted in him being under the dresser. I know there is no way that he could be safe but for the intervention of God. And I am just so incredibly grateful that he is okay. Ironically, I have most of our other top heavy furniture bolted to the wall, I just kept procrastinating the boys' dresser because we are hoping to get them bunk bed and so would have to move it again. And it wasn't like they were climbing on it...
After I yanked the dresser up again and grabbed L, I sat there holding him and sobbing. I was in that space between scolding and just being grateful that he was okay and I said a couple of times - "you could have died!" (Mixed in with "if you ever do that again...") Then, when we sat down for lunch the little stinker adorably and calmly states: "I could have died." Yeah, thanks. Later, when I was telling my mom about the incident, I was crying - I was just so shaken up by the whole thing and still so disgusted about the bugs as well that thinking about it completely put me over the edge again. And L climbed up onto my lap, wiped my eyes with his little fist and said "it's okay, Mami. It's okay."

Do they still send people off to sanatoriums for their nerves?