Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Milk from a Goat

Last week, I bought soy milk for S. He may have a minor lactose intolerance and I am trying to figure out ways to get some calcium in him. I tried to persuade S to try it by explaining that this milk doesn't come from cows like regular milk; instead it comes from a bean. (All said with a super excited voice and slightly elevated pitch. I've never thought of this before, but mothers sure do become great sales people - the hoops we jump to get our children to eat/ drink/ sleep/ get dressed ought be rewarded with serious commissions!)
I didn't even know L was paying attention until he started to ask for the "special milk," which he does several times a day. Except he has somehow translated "bean" into "goat" and he very seriously explains to me that "goats make milk too, Mami. They really do. And this milk is from goats."
He's very persuasive that one. I figure I'll let it slide for now; it may come in handy when I want him to try exotic cheeses...

Today, I was also lectured on the correct pronunciation of whip cream. "It's WET cream. Say Wet. Cream. Like that." Heh.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunshine and Shampoo the Killer Whale

Last week we returned from a family vacation to Orlando, FL. My mother-in-law turned 60 and decided it would be great to celebrate by taking everyone to Disney, where we could also meet up with my husband's grandfather who will be 95 next week. I think it speaks volumes of her as a person that she chose a family vacation for her celebration. Personally, I probably would have gone with a week at a secluded, sterile (read:bug-free) spa, but that's just me... We did have a fabulous time, though. It was so nice to be in the sun again, to enjoy the 80+ degree weather, to experience the magic of Disney with the kids (and me - it was my first time and I was probably more excited than the boys to see all the characters in the parades..), to be able to see Seaworld and just to relax and have fun together. The boys loved playing with their cousin and enjoying the rest of the family. L developed a huge love for his Aunt Meg - it was adorable to see him follow her around.

A few snapshots from our trip:

One of the rides at Seaworld. I couldn't believe S was big enough to go on most of the rides. He was brave enough to go, but didn't show great enthusiasm for most of them.

Sadly I must report we didn't get the sword out. And I was so hoping for the kingdom, too..

Uncle Dan and two of the monkeys. It was so nice to send time with everyone.

A quiet moment with L while everyone else was on a ride. (He totally turned up the charm while we were away and was really too adorable for his own good.)

The family and Shamu, the killer whale. The first day at Seaworld, L insisted it was Shampoo, the killer whale. Not nearly as intimidating.

Disney Studios:

Safari in Animal Kingdom. I'm proud to announce that my cow-crazy child managed to find cows even on an exotic animal safari.

And in case you were worried about the white balance on your computer (or in my editing...) - we were actually that ghostly white some of the time. Unfortunately, the boys and I all got the flu right before and during the trip, respectively. S was so miserable the week up to our departure. I don't remember him ever being that sick before. He had this high fever that wouldn't let up, and while he got better the day we left, he was sick again the first day we were in FL, and then finally he got better. L got sick the day we left, he was tired the first day there ad then he shook it. And I was lucky (blessed) enough to only be really sick one day and able to make it through the other okay. I do have a funny story about that, though. Sunday I felt so incredibly achy and sick that I ended up at an Urgent Care center, where the doctor was able to diagnose me with influenza (after a 2.5 hour wait...). However, Monday was S and my mother-in-law's birthdays - the day we were going to Animal Kingdom and Disney Studios. I so desperately wanted to experience Disney with the boys, so I prayed that I would be able to be fine, just that day - so I could celebrate with S. And I was - we had a wonderful day. Tuesday, I was sick as a dog. Apparently you can get what you wish for...
I truly am grateful it worked out that way - I believe it was an answer to prayer; I was able to go to Disney and Tuesday Evan was able to take care of the boys so I could sleep. Sometimes, I forget that Heavenly Father is acutely aware of His children and their needs. I get so caught up in my current struggles and how draining they are that I forget that He is here and that He cares. Hm. Something to work on.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to get more pictures from the others - I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked because I didn't feel 100% and just didn't have the energy to haul my camera around all the time. That's a hint, family...Please send pictures! Smile.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ring Bearers and Fabulous Fasters

I've been meaning to post these pictures for months now, but keep finding things to distract myself instead. Like tearing down walls and stuff...Anyway - here are a few more pictures from Kim and Ed's wedding in January.

First, a few pictures of Kim and Ed's ring bearers - in my objective opinion some of the cutest ring bearers in history. Who are these adorable kids?!

I was a little worried when Kim asked the boys to be ring bearers, because S is notoriously shy in public and sometimes freezes up (this was before I saw his stellar King David performance) and L is, well, he's L. Odds were pretty evenly divided between walking the ring up there and chucking it while running away. (I think it helped them both that we asked S to be his brother's helper and example. Typical oldest child loves to be in charge...)
I was very, very proud of both of them when they walked up the aisle with the rings between them, without a single incident of crying. Or throwing up. They even sat through the ceremony relatively quietly and only dropped the rings twice. (Those things bounce surprisingly fast once they fall, though.)
It helped of course that S adores his Faster Kimmie to the nth degree and L will probably do almost anything S does, but it was still neat to have them be part of Kim and Ed's special day. When Kim walked in, L turned around, looked at her and said in this loud whisper-voice; "She is soooooo beautiful!"
I totally agree.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

All In a Day's Work

- Call AAA to jump start car - check
- Do laundry - check
- Do dishes - check
- Pretend to be sick for work - check (No, really, that's what I do for my job)
- Devalue house by about $20.000 by ripping apart finished basement to find three dead mice and the approximately 1200 carpet beetles and larvae feeding off the mice - check
- Shriek like a banshee when several of the aforementioned larvae (and poison-filled mouse trap) drop from ceiling panels onto me - check
- use colorful repertoire of four-letter words while finding the hidden mouse traps that previous owner hid all over basement (including between the ceiling and the lowered ceiling panels) - check

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Famous Person Day

S's school had famous person day on Friday, where the kids dressed up as the famous person of their choice and told the class and visiting parents a few things about that person. Naturally, S chose King David...? (Of David and Goliath.)
No separation of church and state could convince him otherwise, so we ran it by his teacher and then tried to prepare a presentation that was as non-religious as American schools require it to be. For a girl who had Christianity as a subject in elementary and middle school, this is always an interesting exercise. How much is too much? Where's the line that can't get crossed? What might we say that will get us escorted out of the class room by security? (Is that what they'd do - I don't even know...)
To play it safe, we completely left God out of the entire story, which felt like a cop-out to me, but hey, S got to be David. And he did such a great job, too! Sure, I'm objective - he's a genius that one. I was 21 by the time I was even at a passing-level of comfort with a microphone; he just grabbed it and did his presentation. So cute!!