Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo Slideshow

We finally got the slide show from our photo shoot that we've been eagerly awaiting. Feel free to check it out - it will only be up for the next five days.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

Remember my recent post about the beauty of spring? All the colors and nature's rebirth. Yeah, I forgot one teeny tiny detail of the rebirthing process -- Pollen!
Apparently our city is on the top ten list for the nation's allergy capitals, just in case the high crime rate isn't incentive enough to visit...
In any case, I sound like I've been smoking for forty years and today someone asked me if I've been crying. I haven't, yet, but if someone else suggests allergy meds, I may. If I could, I would, people. I do know they're out there. However, if I want to actually be awake, which I believe is one of the requirements for mothering, I can't take anything. All the drugs knock me out cold. But at least my yard looks pretty. (Hey, blame the grumpiness on the lack of oxygen to my brain!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Erin Rocks!

We finally had our family pictures taken! The last one was almost two years ago, when my friend Ashley still lived in town...Dreadful, I know, but I honestly have an aversion to places like Sears and JCP. Or maybe it's an allergy. I practically break out in hives just thinking about having to make the appointment, getting the kids together, schlepping to the store and then doing awkward poses for 15 minutes. It's always so much work and the pictures are never worth what you pay for them.
I try to get shots of the boys occasionally, but what I've really wanted for a long time is a photographer who has vision and creativity -- and who knows a trick or two to get our wild boys to at least stop long enough to get a picture of them. And since Ashley moved, I've searched and searched for someone, but no luck. Until we found Erin. We absolutely adore her and we're pretty sure we want to adopt her. Or at least make it illegal for her to ever move to far away from our family.
Some of the shots are on her blog:

Erin Bell Photography

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

I strive not to fall into the trap of want. Granted, I like pretty things, and sometimes I want pretty things, but most of the time I am able to walk away from the things that are completely out of my reach and shrug it off. I don't need a huge house or a fancy car or even Manolo shoes. Although the latter are a slight bit harder to shrug off than the rest..especially the blue ones...but I digress.
Today, L and I went to a free music class at a local private school. And I walked away choking with envy of what rich people can give their children in terms of academic and artistic experiences. The school was beautiful; on a mountain, with these gorgeous buildings that looked like an old English manor. The class rooms were filled with academically stimulating toys and equipment. The music room bore evidence of composers I haven't even heard of. The kids kindergartners who performed today's little play were dancing and acting. The teacher/ student ratio was 16 students to two teachers in some of the classes at least. They travel. They go on nature walks. Etc, etc, etc.
I am trying to convince myself that my children first of all are already in a town with a good school system. I am telling myself that they will be better off for going to public school and having a more diverse group of peers. That the private school is probably full of spoiled brats who would beat up my boys.
I am trying to convince myself. But I want. Oh, do I want.

Friday, May 8, 2009

8 Years Later

8 years ago, E and I were so young and so ridiculously unprepared for marriage. And yet, no matter how much we tried to reason with ourselves, we both knew we were right. Right for each other, right about getting married and, possibly, rightfully crazy.
8 years later, we're still crazy. And sometimes still ridiculously unprepared for the things life throws in our way. But we are also unequivocally right for each other.

I love you, babe. Happy anniversary.

Friday, May 1, 2009


It's late and quiet in the house. I just peeked in on the boys and they are cuddling in S's bed; snuggled close to one another. I am counting my blessings.