Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome Home. Now Let's Go Call the CDC.

I flew in this morning and completely exhausted off the red-eye was planning on spending a low-key day hanging out with the boys and husband. Maybe watching a movie. Definitely taking a nap. I guess, I need to get a little more specific with my planning, because I hadn't quite envisioned it as hanging out with S at the children's ER, watching "Happy Feet" on the tiny TV in the room there. I also don't remember including anything about pandemics in my plans...
When I came home this morning at 10, S had been miserable all night with a fever and body aches. In a normal world, I would let him watch TV for a few days, drug him with motrin when he got too miserable and otherwise wait it out. In this swine flu/ H1N1 world, we called the pediatrician, who recommended waiting a few hours and if the symptoms didn't improve, or worsened, make our way to the ER. And thus, at 5:30 PM, I packed my miserable child into the van and headed out for three and a half hours of ER fun.
Turns out, S is positive for Influenza A. Now, there's a welcome home present. The bad news is Influenza A is so uncommon at this time of year, that they assume it's probably H1N1. The good news is, H1N1 is so widespread now, we won't be quarantined for a month - only advised to spend a few quiet days at home. And they treat it the same way they would any other flu now, unless the patient "already has a compromised baseline." So we're back home, Tamiflu in hand, praying this won't spread through the family.
And I am, in a morbidly curious way, waiting to hear the final results from the CDC on the H1N1 test. This little piggy went to town, indeed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Our Lovely Deseret

The past five days I have been at a writers' conference in UT, playing hookie from my regular life. Instead of being a mom who does laundry and makes dinners, I have been a woman who has interests and talents. Beyond making a passable lunch box and finding the missing shoe/ library book/ remote control.
I have spent much of my week reminiscing about our life out here, probably driving my friend Ashley crazy by constantly exclaiming " I forgot how..." or "Now, I remember..." I forgot how special the Salt Lake temple is. I forgot how inspired I feel when I hang out with friends who are creative. I forgot how recent everything is in UT - and how Provo still manages to seem dilapidated in spite of it's newness. I forgot how absolutely magnificent the mountains are - how they loom over the valleys as giants set here to remind us of God's power.
And somehow over the past few years, I forgot who I am and maybe more importantly who I can be. I have been so consumed with the laundry and the missing shoes that I haven't allowed myself to be more than the sum of my chores and to-do lists. I forgot that I can create, and challenge myself to be more than I currently am. Or maybe I just forgot how to do it - or how not to talk myself out of doing it. I'm not entirely sure. I just know that now I remember.