Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mami, My Hip Hurts and other Adventures with L

In the past three or four months L has mentioned a few times that his hip hurts. The first couple of times, I chalked it up to being tired or just wanting attention. Then I began to worry - there is arthritis in our family and the thought of my little boy having to struggle with something like that made me queasy. I'm not even sure juvenile arthritis exists, but my brain went into panic mode whenever he brought it up. Last week, I finally did what I should have done the first time - I asked him where on his hip the pain was. And he pointed right to it.
On his lip.
Which was definitely dry and a little cracked; just like mine has been. For just about three-four months...
This is my child who has pretty much every other part of anatomy down and who was the one who wanted to know what his almost seven year brother has never bothered to ask - how do babies come out of the mother's stomach. Of course, he is also the one who is convinced that babies nurse from the belly button, so I guess, I should never assume anything with him....

He is such a funny kid - completely independent in certain ways - he is known to help himself to whatever snack he may find laying around the kitchen - or in the fridge - whenever he feels hungry. S, on the other hand, does exactly what I did growing up - he obediently asks for permission for snacks, drinks, whatever. With L, it's fair game if it's left out in semi-reachable height.
And if you have noticed in the picture below that there is something off with his shirt - this is a common occurrence at our house. He loves to dress himself, which often leaves me gritting my teeth when the outfit clashes horribly and/ or is backwards. When I point out that his shirt/ pants are backwards, his reply is usually "that's ok, Mami. I like it that way." Since I am trying to foster some independence and an ability to get dressed without supervision, I usually leave it as is. (Unless we are going somewhere where people may judge my mothering ability on how my child is dressed - then I totally cave under the pressure and trick him into turning it around. Yes, that's how I roll...)

He is also fearless - I took him ice skating on Friday and the little guy was all about going backwards and not holding on to me before we'd made it all the way around the rink once. I am already practicing my reasons for turning down sports like skeleton and Australian rugby. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be having that argument sooner or later. I am banking a bit on his desire to be just like S to temper him a bit for the next couple of years at least. Then I have a feeling all bets are off.
And I freely admit - I think this boy is one of the two most amazing boys in the world. (The other one should be fairly obvious as well :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big S, Little S; What Begins with S?

Such Sweet Siblings and a Snooze on Someone's Chest...*

(*All poetic credit goes to Dr. Seuss)