Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Know a Girl - Who Puts the Color Inside of My World...

Well, she and her monkey brothers put all kinds of colors into my world!
Pictures of the brothers will follow, but since this is Baby S's SIX-month day, you'll get pictures of her sweet face today.

Baby Girl, every day we all just adore you more and more. Your sweet smile melts my heart. I can hardly stand it when you look up at me with your toothless grin while I sing your goodnight songs - not just because you are the only one of my children who still smiles when I sing to you...

I love watching you study the world - yesterday you watched your hands open and close and I saw the wonder of that little miracle through your eyes. Today you found a thread in the carpet at church and you kept trying to pull it out. I sat back in amazement at how you are growing and learning so quickly.

I love your sweet little features and your chubby feet. I love your delicious neck and little bald spot in the back of your head and your little toes and your hands and your adorable lips and your inquisitive eyes and...well, pretty much every little millimeter of sweetness!

I love how you reach out to touch my face. I love how you ferociously chomp down on my shoulder if I am carrying you when you are hungry. I love how you are experiencing new tastes and textures as you are learning to eat "real food." I love how you are bouncy when we hold you and how you are moving around by getting on your hand and knees and then fearlessly throwing yourself forward. I love how heavy your body gets when you fall asleep while nursing> And I love how you just snuggle right up in your bed when it's time to sleep.

I love the miracle of watching you grow and I am so incredibly thankful that you are part of our family!!

Happy half-birthday, Baby Girl. Can't wait for more adventures with you. :)

Here's a newborn shot for comparison (One week old):

And here's my sweetest baby monkey today:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday America.

Yes, I know it's July 22. However, this being the land of the free and all, I will still demand the right to post 4th of July pictures of my remarkably adorable children and their equally adorable cousins whenever I want. Ha! I will also call upon the freedom of speech to claim that these are the five most beautiful children ever.
And thanks to the work of the founding fathers, there is nothing you can do to stop me. Mwahaha...

Happy Independence Day everyone!