Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last Things First - aka First Day of School 2010

One morning after school had gotten out in June I was in our sun room with all three kids and the boys were at eachother's throats. I asked them to stop fighting for probably the 14th time that morning and wondered how we would ever make it through the summer. Then I blinked and it was September.

We have had an absolutely wonderful summer, with a good mix of action and relaxation. I will try to catch up on some of our fun, but in the meantime I wanted to finally post pictures of the boys' first day of school. These little creatures are getting too big too fast and they refuse to slow down. (I've asked.)
Here they are, all ready for another year of learning...

S just started second grade. He could hardly wait for school to start and was first in line when the kids lined up with their new teachers. He is ridiculously smart and perceptive and has a tender heart - well balanced out by his ferocious competitiveness...He loves his siblings and loves being by himself as well. He is usually in the middle of several books at once. He loves soccer and riding his bike.
He still loves hugs and snuggles, but only on his time and never in public. (I can barely get a handshake out of the kid when I drop him off.) Most of the time, I respect that and allow him to grow up, but I have been known to sneak in a quick air kiss in the morning at drop-off. He may be ready, but I need a bit more time before I am willing to be disowned in public!
I feel so blessed and lucky to have him in our family - and at the same time terrified that I will somehow mismanage the responsibility...He truly is an amazing boy!

L was accepted into a magnet school for pre-k. Originally we applied because it was free. Yes, we are those people, but hey pre-k here is expensive and L was beyond ready to do something other than hang out with me all day. (Maybe I was a little ready too...I am not terribly good at staying sane under pressure.) In any case, we researched the magnet school and heard great things about this particular one - it is a school of performing arts, so in addition to regular instruction, they teach the children through art, music and movement.
I may have been living out my childhood dreams of a "Fame" school a bit, but L actually likes it as well. They started dance classes a couple of weeks ago and he will shortly begin violin lessons. He is thrilled to go in the mornings and seems to enjoy having something that is just for him. I was a bit concerned about the full days (7:45-2:15-30) but it turns out that with the naps, breakfast, lunch and snack, as well as playtime, he is tired but not exhausted.

I love to see how he dances out the door and eagerly starts his day. Although I choke up and wish I could snuggle him close for a long time, I am also perfectly aware that reality would have been different if he were only in pre-k a couple of days a week for 2.5 hours. This child is ready to take on the world. He is slowly beginning to read. (I know it may sound like bragging, but honestly, I didn't teach him - he just picked it up on his own!) He refused to ride his bike when we tried to get him to until he decided it was time and now he loves it. He is tough, yet so sweet. He sometimes is a terrible listener, but then he turns around and is to tender and loving that you don't know what hit you. He wants to keep up with S so badly that he often walks the fine line between being his friend and driving him crazy. Mostly both. And we all love him to pieces!

Here's to a good year for all of us!