Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I can't have Zooey Deschanel Bangs

I recently read an article by a feminist who loves to read Mormon blogs because as she states it, she loves to look into a "strange and fascinating world where the most fraught issues of modern living -- marriage and child rearing -- appear completely unproblematic."

I truly enjoyed the article - it was nice to read something where the author wasn't trying to tear my church down or perpetuate the ever popular myth of secret Mormon polygamy. (No, we do not secretly have plural marriages. Yes, secretly (or not so - ), I may have thought on occasion that a second woman in the house wouldn't be all bad; see below how I fail at making anything look unproblematic...)

However, while reading the description of these blogs, I realized that I somehow missed the memo on how to be a Mormon blogger. I do not have bangs (I tried it once. It was awful. Curly hair and bangs do not mix.), I do not make thrifty purchases and turn them into fabulous finds (I've tried going to thrift stores, but I think I repel great finds), my husband doesn't wear plaid and while I have made a cupcake or two in recent months, I do not host fancy dinner parties with pretty little gifts for the guests.
The truth is, while I do take pride in having an "honest"(-ish...) blog, where my real life shines through, I sometimes envy those women. If only I could make life unproblematic and host fabulous parties...Or look put together each moment of every day, preferably in thrifty vintage clothes. Or make delicious treats on a daily basis. Or have a blog where I post pictures of pretty things each day and thus generate tons of revenue for my family. But I don't.
I consider it a success if I manage to get dressed in a put-together outfit. It is a victory if I make dinner on a daily basis, let alone an occasional (non-fancy) treat, and my big project currently is a chart to help me yell less at my children...
Does that make me less Mormon than those other Mormon bloggers? And because this is my blog and I get to answer all my own questions; of course not!
I think there may be a danger in assuming that because we all belong to the same church and believe in the same things, we must all be the same. Look the same way, cook the same foods, have the same talents....Whatever. We are different and that is perfectly fine - no one should be subjected to seeing me with bangs, anyway.

Ironically, what I originally went online to post about today were a few projects that I have made in recent months -- and because they were such a victory for me (imagine Hermione doing crafts...), I wanted to share them on here. I guess the conclusion is, we are women, not items to be placed in neatly labeled boxes.And also, I have ADD and get easily distracted from any ideas I may start out with.

Now off to make cupcakes...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


To my littlest one; my sweet smiling daughter, my turn-around-and-I-will-be-scaling-the-kitchen-table child, my darling hugger and selective giver of kisses, my brown-eyed girl with big feet and edible toes, my wrap-my-father-around-my-little-finger child with the sweetest little voice and yet the loudest shrieks, to my explorer of the world, my mischief-in-eyes-girl, my tiny bundle of energy and joy, my amazing blessing from God,


We love you so much. Thank you for joining our family.

January 26th, 2011;
Edited to add one year stats from our doctor's visit today:

Height: 29"/ 73.5cm (50th percentile)
Weight: 18.01lbs/ 8 kg. (25th percentile)
Head: 17"/ 43cm

Height is good; the doctor was a bit concerned that she hasn't gained much weight though, so we are bringing out the butter and whole milk.

MMR and Hep A shots, finger pricks to test lead and hg levels. (x2; because the first test came back at an insane lead level (27.2), normal at retest (2.9). She still needs to go to the lab for follow-up blood-work, just to make sure it was indeed a fluke.)

No walking yet, but great tone - the Doctor called her a "poser" - pretending she can't walk yet, when she could if she chose to. :)

Says Dada (a lot), Mama (sometimes), ca (for cat) - at least when we cat sat for Rudy, u (up) and m (more).

Way to grow and develop cookie. Keep it up!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mexican Sunrise - or Why Nobody Received Christmas Cards from Us this Year.

This will be the last Mexico post, I promise; I just wanted to share a sunrise with you. They were breathtaking.

And finally, our apologies for not sending out Christmas cards. We should have and we didn't. We are sorry.
We did do this instead, though...It was way more fun than writing Christmas cards. ;)
Merry post-Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!