Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scarecrow Parade Revisited

A nearby town has an annual scarecrow parade - local shops and companies decorate scarecrows and line them up on Main Street each fall. I went once when S was about 18 months old and have had the intention to go back each year since. This year was the first time we actually made it back there. Twice! I went with little monkey S for playgroup and then I took all the kids this Saturday. It was not as impressive as I remembered but we had a wonderful time regardless. Here's an overload of pictures from our trip out there:

And just for fun...Who allowed S to grow up so quickly?!?




Wendy said...

Great pictures and a fun blog! Love the now and then.

Kim said...

That was awesome! I love the close-up of little S. SOOO much personality! Sam was such a cute baby! He is so grown up!


Wow...the before and afters... he has changed so much! And I love the one of little S sticking her head through the hole. Too cute!

Gallagher Haven said...

Did you "Meat Lady Gaga?" We've visited a couple of times this year and were just there yesterday. I've always loved that town!