Saturday, April 30, 2011


We have a huge birthday cluster in our family - we all have our birthdays within 2 months and a day - but I don't know if that is a good enough excuse to not have posted any pictures of anyone's special day till now....Finally, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favorite monkeys in the world!

The littlest monkey on her actual birthday. I can't believe she turned one already. That was the fastest first year of any of my kids' lives!:

And the party we threw for her: (Yes, I took total advantage of the pink frosting-opportunity.)

 Our sweet S - so joyful and excited. This was in the middle of his attempt to grow his hair long. (We have since abandoned the experiment!):

Birthday Buddies:

And finally (last in birthday order of course, never in importance!!) Our delightful, mischievous L, who was so miserably sick on his birthday:

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last month, my baby turned 8. Yes, I am that behind on posting; I have pictures from all three kids' birthdays that I still need to put up. I am going to skip that at this point though and go straight to the big event of this past weekend.
In our church, children don't get baptized until they are 8 so this was a big birthday for S. He has been excited about his baptism for quite a while, too - on his 7th birthday, his dad asked him what the best thing about turning 7 was and he replied that the best thing about turning 7 was that next year he would be 8 and could get baptized. (He did not get that planning-ahead gene from me, btw...) It was a beautiful experience that we were blessed to be able to share with much family and some dear friends. S also invited some of his best friends from school and the neighborhood and it was so wonderful to see them come to share this special day with him. I was so impressed to see S handle himself so well throughout the ceremony - especially when the hot water at the church wasn't working and he got to experience baptism by immersion-in-ice-water. He didn't complain once. I'm so proud of him - and at the same time not entirely sure that I am ready for him to be getting big so quickly....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Somebody Fire that Groundhog!

Back in February when Groundhog Day arrived with overcast skies, I dared to hope for the superstition of this day to be true. After one of the hardest winters I can remember, I was willing to place my bet on a rodent if only it meant spring would come soon. Given my history with rodents, I should have known how foolish it was; and sure enough, the weeks following Groundhog Day brought freezing temperatures and an April 1st Nor'easter. (That's a big storm in our part of the world for those of you who are lucky enough not to know what it is - the storms are most known for strong winds and large amounts of snow.) Fortunately, the snowfall in our county was just a few inches that melted as the day went on, but still - snow on April first? Way to miss the mark, rodent.

Anyway, finally, the last few days are showing signs of winter letting up. It's slowly getting warmer and little green growths are starting to pop up from the ground. We celebrated this on Saturday by talking a walk and enjoying the chilly but gorgeously sunny day. I am hopeful, spring will be here soon.