Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End of Summer/ First Day of School

There are some blogs who at this time of year emerge with glorious photos and almost minute-by-minute (perky) accounts of all the fun that was had every waking moment all summer long by the entire family. I suppose I fall just on the far side of cynical; far enough to doubt the statements of non-stop fun, at least a little bit. Because I have just emerged from a summer with three kids, no camps and for a good part of it an overseas dad. (Well, technically we were the ones overseas, but that's not the point.) Certainly, we've had some great times. In fact we have had many, many wonderful experiences this summer and I have enjoyed spending time with my monkeys. And then there were the times I thought this summer would never end, the times where I was beyond exhausted, the bickering was non-stop and somehow someone convinced my children that my sole purpose in life was being their entertainer/ servant.
September 1, I felt a twinge of sadness for another summer gone by -- no matter what I do, those boys just won't stop growing older so quickly -- and I felt relief that school was starting. I have to confess, as they happily strode off to school on their first day, I was happy too. Don't get me wrong here - I LOVE my children. They love me. And we all love each other more when we are not together every second of every day.
So here's to another school year begun! May it be glorious and fun-filled and great. May we all learn many good things, and meet many kind people. And mostly, may we enjoy and love each other much - even if we don't have minute-by-minute accounts of fun to show for it!

P.S. OK, so in spite of my actual happiness at being back in a routine, it is indeed with a tiny bit of trepidation that I send my boys out in the world. I always worry about the blows that can wound a little heart. I know they need to grow though, and that I can't protect them from the world, so I try not to let my fears rub off on them. L actually started Kindergarten this year, and it warms my heart to watch him happily dance off to learn, make new friends and be at the same school as his older brother. He is so eager to learn and I am so thrilled to see his joy. And S is suddenly so big - too cool to hug us goodbye outside of school ( - whatever!) and yet still my sweet baby. have a fantastic year monkeys! I love you!