Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello blog, it's nice to see you again...

She looked away for a moment and suddenly a time warp struck and it was eight months later...

I look back at the last eight months and I am completely overwhelmed at all the things that have happened since my last post. I have wanted to blog again for a few weeks but the massive amounts of information simply put me into a state of inertia instead of spurring me to get started so today I am finally taking the bull by its horns (or whatever) and just jumping back in. In a completely random fashion, I might add, because sorting through the last 3/4 of a year is still overwhelming me.

Until I manage to figure it all out, here's an activity the boys did this summer when they were bored and I pretended to be creative mom for a moment: I told them to pick their favorite story from the Book of Mormon and re-create it in Legos.

L chose the hand of God coming out of a cloud and touching the stones so they shone for the brother of Jared:

 S decided to do Teancum's stealthy attack on the evil Amalickiah:

Oh and P.S. We've moved to Arizona.


Wendy said...

Yeah! So happy you are back...missed the blog and your creative style of writing. Love the projects!

Unknown said...


Someday I'll figure out how to change my settings so my name shows ... meanwhile, AWESOME idea, you creative Mom, you! I'm thinking we'll be using it at our house too!